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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrawlertrawl‧er /ˈtrɔːlə $ ˈtrɒːlər/ noun [countable]  TTWTAa fishing boat that uses a trawl net
Examples from the Corpus
trawlerShip rescue: Firemen raced to the fish quay in Hartlepool early yesterday after a trawler began to sink.Next month's test will involve a trawler, out of Girvan, and a single submarine.Gigantic trawlers remove huge catches from the seas.They were in a sailing boat, as far out as the trawler, both of them older, eighteen or nineteen.Local fishermen say that, when accidents happen, the trawlers never stop.Some are employed in processing fish, such as canning and freezing, while others are manning and servicing the trawlers.The trawler had been fishing five miles off the coast in international waters but within the prohibited area.Where trawlers and fishing smacks had once anchored, the harbour was now crowded with expensive white yachts.