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tugtug2 noun [countable]  1 (also tug boat)TTW a small strong boat used for pulling or guiding ships into a port, up a river etc2 [usually singular]PULL a sudden strong pull She removed the bandage with a sharp tug.3 [usually singular] a strong and sudden feelingtug of Kate felt a tug of jealousy.
Examples from the Corpus
tugI felt a tug when the skids hit treetops.Tony gave Simon's T-shirt a tug, and they both left the room.A tug at his trouser leg awakened him from his reverie.A tug hooting from the river.At Blisworth on the Grand Union Canal tugs were used from 1870 to 1936.If you were in the crowd, you couldn't fail to feel an emotional tug.I seized the door handle and gave it a good tug.The ropes still held, but one good tug would part them like silk.The crew abandoned the tug, forcing the Coast Guard to send a swimmer out in high seas to rescue them.After so much delay, it never took more than one or two tugs.