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wakewake2 noun [countable]  1 in the wake of something2 in somebody’s/something’s wake3 MXthe time before or after a funeral when friends and relatives meet to remember the dead person4 TTW[usually singular] the track made behind a boat as it moves through the water
Examples from the Corpus
wakeOn the way up, the slightest connection with the deceased or his family was enough reason to attend a wake.But if Nader is having problems capturing the magical double-digit support level, his nearest third-party rivals are floundering in his wake.In its wake, tens of thousands are slipping off, quietly once more, to sanctuaries abroad.The interest in the sale comes in the wake of Durham County Council's decision to close eight of its homes.Salomon discards a pay plan in the wake of a string of key departures.In the wake of the Clause, the Stonewall Trust was set up.In each half of the wake the eddy consists of two parallel vortex tubes of opposite sense.I was like a water-skier without the skis, dragged through the wake of an uncompromising culture by my neck.