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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwheelhousewheel‧house /ˈwiːlhaʊs/ noun [countable]  TTWthe place on a ship where the captain stands at the wheel
Examples from the Corpus
wheelhouseThere were no rails, no cabin, just the open deck and a small wheelhouse near the stem.I edged back against the wheelhouse and aimed my camera at them.Displays include Eyemouth tapestry, history of Berwickshire fanning and fishing, and the wheelhouse of a modern fishing boat.I shared the skipper's cabin immediately below the wheelhouse.Everyone was staring past me, beyond the wheelhouse, at the northern horizon.On the upper deck aft from the wheelhouse she has a little lounge with a sauna.Indeed, the wheelhouse is looking more like the cockpit of a space shuttle every day.Shortly before dawn I slept for a while on top of the wheelhouse.