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wreckwreck2 ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 TTcar/planeDESTROY a car, plane, or train that has been damaged very badly, especially in a crash πŸ”Š He was still alive when they pulled him from the wreck.β–Ί see thesaurus at accident2 TTWship a ship that has sunk syn shipwreckwreck of πŸ”Š Divers discovered the wreck of an old German warship.3 person informalNERVOUS someone who is very nervous, tired, or unhealthy πŸ”Š He looked a complete wreck.nervous/emotional wreck πŸ”Š The attack had left her an emotional wreck.4 accident American EnglishTTCACCIDENT an accident involving cars or other vehicles syn crashcar/train/plane wreck πŸ”Š My father died in a car wreck.5 place a place that is very untidy πŸ”Š When you’re here, this place is a wreck!6 old car informalTTCCONDITION/STATE OF something an old car that is in a very bad condition
Examples from the Corpus
wreckβ€’ She felt an absolute wreck, yet at the same time she felt acutely self-aware.β€’ Mom looked like a complete wreck after the wedding.β€’ The car was a complete wreck, but the driver escaped with minor injuries.β€’ Without my exercise, I was a crying wreck.β€’ It's embarrassing to be seen driving that old wreck.β€’ I held her, trying to appear calm and composed on the outside, a shaking wreck on the inside.β€’ Boss Mangan, the symbol of industrial and political might, is a love-stricken wreck easily manipulated by the go-getting Ellie Dunn.β€’ Ten people were injured in the wreck.β€’ Divers went down to search the wreck.β€’ Investigators are searching the wreck for clues as to why the plane crashed.β€’ Nobody could have survived the wreck.β€’ The wrecks massing on shore, the wrecks made of ships in open water.β€’ She also looked like a total wreck!β€’ If there were no blizzard to shut down Washington, there would still be the budget train wreck.nervous/emotional wreckβ€’ At this rate she would go back to London a nervous wreck and have to resign.β€’ By the time my friends left, l was a nervous wreck.β€’ She was a nervous wreck, and all that was wrong with the child was measles.β€’ Of course, we hardly needed to say, as we made our way upstairs, that we were both nervous wrecks.β€’ It had to be learnt, if we were not to turn into nervous wrecks.β€’ Just the thing for a twitching little nervous wreck who keeps passing out on her dinner dates.β€’ Apparently some of them nervous wrecks.car/train/plane wreckβ€’ If there were no blizzard to shut down Washington, there would still be the budget train wreck.β€’ And if the budget train wreck ended, there would still be -- political correctness.β€’ The show-biz story of the decade has spawned the cinematic train wreck of 1996.β€’ They leapt down the car wrecks and legged it across the ground towards the girl.β€’ Something was burning out there, not in the car wreck ... but beside it.β€’ Rain was hissing on the roof of the car wreck, fogging the scene still further.β€’ It strode through the black rain to the car wreck in the forecourt, sensing the presence of more food.