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air rifle air-to-air ammo ammunition anti-aircraft anti-personnel anti-tank armament armoured car armourer armour-plated arrow arrowhead arsenal artillery atomic bomb automatic ballistic missile ballistics bandolier barbed barrage barrage balloon barrel battering ram battery bayonet(n) bayonet(v) bazooka BB gun blank blaze blowpipe bludgeon blunderbuss bolt bomb bomber bombing bomb scare booby trap boom bore bow brass knuckles broadsword buckshot bullet bullet-proof butt caisson calibre canister cannon cannonball carbine cartridge catapult chain mail chamber charge chemical warfare chemical weapon clip cluster bomb cock Colt conventional cordite cosh crossbow cruise missile CS gas cudgel cutlass cut-throat razor dagger dart decommission detonator device dirk disarm discharge dismount double-barrelled duel(n) duel(v) dum-dum elevation emplacement equalizer firearm firebomb flak flame thrower flick knife forty-five fusillade fusion bomb gauge germ warfare grenade guidance guided missile gun gun carriage gunner gunnery gunpowder gun-running gunshot haft hair trigger halberd hammer hand grenade handgun H-bomb heat-seeking heavy hilt holster homing device howitzer hydrogen bomb ICBM incendiary Kalashnikov knuckle-duster lance landmine live longbow long-range mace machete machine gun magazine magnum marksman marksmanship megaton misfire missile mortar munitions mushroom cloud musket mustard gas muzzle napalm nerve gas nightstick nitroglycerine non-proliferation nosecone nuclear nuke(v) nuke(n) ordnance parry payload pepper pike pistol plastic explosive poison gas pommel pound prime primer projectile propellant quarterstaff ramrod range rapid-fire rapier rearm recoil repeater report revolver rifle rocket round rubber bullet sabre safety catch sawn-off shotgun scabbard scimitar semi-automatic shaft sheathe shell(n) shell(v) shield shooter shot shotgun shrapnel sidearm sight silencer silo six-shooter slash sling slingshot slug smart bomb smoke bomb smokescreen snipe sniper spear(n) spear(v) Sten gun stockpile(n) stockpile(v) stun gun submachine gun surface-to-air missile surface-to-surface missile swordsmanship tank tear gas thermonuclear time bomb tommy gun torpedo(n) torpedo(v) tracer trident trigger truncheon unload volley(n) volley(v) warhead water cannon weapon weaponry

Language: Old English
Origin: wæpen


weap‧on S2 W2 [countable]
1PMW something that you use to fight with or attack someone with, such as a knife, bomb, or gun
The police are still looking for the murder weapon.
offensive weapon (=one that can be used to attack someone)
He was convicted of carrying an offensive weapon.
lethal/deadly weapon (=one that can kill)
2 an action, piece of information, piece of equipment etc that you can use to win or be successful in doing something:
a new weapon in the fight against AIDS
Right now, she felt the need of every weapon in her armoury (=weapon that she had), including surprise.