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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishair rifleˈair ˌrifle noun [countable]  PMWDLOa gun that uses air pressure to fire a small bullet
Examples from the Corpus
air rifleInside the box, an air rifle which was probably stolen.Doctors feared an air rifle pellet had pierced his brain when the joke went horribly wrong.Requesting the congregation to leave, he sent his son to fetch an air rifle.Fifteen-year-old Nicola Child was blasted with an air rifle in a cruel prank.His owner, Jeremy Young admitted repeatedly shooting him with an air rifle at his home in Princes Risborough.Mr Day, 32, pointed dad Frank's air rifle at the boy believing it was unloaded.It did, for the gun he took was an almost silent air rifle.Reward to catch the air rifle snipers.