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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanti-aircraftˌanti-ˈaircraft adjective [only before noun]  PMWanti-aircraft weapons are used against enemy aircraft anti-aircraft missiles
Examples from the Corpus
anti-aircraftCamouflaged anti-aircraft batteries atop almost every hill belied the peaceful appearance of these islands.A big effort was mounted against airfields, radars and anti-aircraft batteries in an attempt to gain air superiority.Based on the information he had, the anti-aircraft commander on the ground ordered the chopper to shoot it down.Dimples like heavy rain spotted his wings as stray bullets went through, and then he reached the belt of anti-aircraft fire.S.-made Stinger anti-aircraft missile could have downed the jumbo jet.On July 30 the Defence Ministry announced a decision in principle to purchase anti-aircraft missile systems for the first time.It later saw service in the Napoleonic wars and as an anti-aircraft point in this century.She contributed to the design of anti-aircraft searchlights used in both world wars.