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barragebar‧rage2 /ˈbærɑːʒ $ ˈbɑːrɪdʒ/ noun [countable]  TATTWa wall of earth, stones etc built across a river to provide water for farming or to prevent floodingdam
Examples from the Corpus
barrageHe and Jimmy lay beneath the wagon as a barrage of hailstones beat hard on the planks above.Instead of charging bulls, Professor Ito bravely faces a barrage of puns.In a welcome burst of committed journalism, the press also let loose with a barrage of criticism.For at least a month before Christmas we were subjected to an endless barrage of ads for fattening festive foods.The authority is hoping to collect as much information as possible on the Tees course fishery in the light of the river's barrage development.Lopsided and vulnerable, he tried to climb the barrage and get to the second balloon.Blacks, as groups or individually, continued the barrage of written complaints during the Calvin Coolidge administration.The barrage will be beyond it, round the bend.