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blankblank2 noun [countable]  1 WRITEan empty space on a piece of paper, where you are supposed to write a word or letter When you’ve filled in the blanks, hand the form back to me.2 my mind’s a blank3 PMWSHOOTa cartridge (=container for a bullet in a gun) that contains an explosive but no bullet Soldiers fired blanks into the crowd.4 be shooting/firing blanks draw a blank at draw1(32)
Examples from the Corpus
blankWithout being able to read what Black has written, everything is a blank so far.First a boxwood blank was turned to a cylinder.the competition entry blankWe didn't know the guns were firing blanks.Other Customs agents have put corruption in the crosshairs only to find they were firing blanks.Choose New Card or New Contact and fill in the blanks.Alternatively, they could be had ready-printed with blanks in the text for completion by the funeral furnisher.filled in ... blanksThe author then filled in the blanks about how wise, handsome, brave, and team-spirited they were.fired blanksBut Mutch and Bull, 300 goals between them, fired blanks all afternoon and rookie Hoult was in sharp form anyway.