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blazeblaze2 ●○○ verb [intransitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 fireBURN to burn very brightly and strongly β†’ blazing πŸ”Š The room was warm, with a fire blazing in the hearth.β–Ί see thesaurus at burn2 lightSHINE to shine with a very bright light πŸ”Š A huge truck was advancing towards us, its headlights blazing. πŸ”Š The sun blazed down as we walked along the valley.β–Ί see thesaurus at shine3 eyes [usually in progressive] literary if someone’s eyes are blazing, their eyes are shining brightly because they are feeling a very strong emotion, usually angerblaze with πŸ”Š Linda leapt to her feet, her dark eyes blazing with anger.4 gun (also blaze away)PMWSHOOT if guns blaze, they fire bullets quickly and continuously πŸ”Š An enemy plane roared overhead, its guns blazing.5 β†’ blaze a trail6 β†’ be blazed across/all over somethingβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
blazeβ€’ Perhaps it was inevitable that an attraction should have blazed between them from the first.β€’ The midday sun blazed down on us.β€’ Lights blazed in every room in the house.β€’ A fire was blazing in the fireplace.β€’ Yet it was precisely conservatives such as the Mormons who had blazed paths to the voting booths fifty years before.β€’ Now it was blazing steadily, promising an out-of-control inferno, unless she came to her senses and stopped it.β€’ It rained on days when they needed sun and it blazed when Nichols wanted a rain sequence.β€’ The windows of the cathedral were blazing with coloured light.fire blazingβ€’ Fairfax has a couple of gins and tonic ready by the time I have the fire blazing.β€’ Despite sweltering in the luxury of a fire blazing full on, she received a series of credits on her budget account.β€’ I thought of fire blazing in the wards of Glengall.sun blazed downβ€’ The sun blazed down as we followed narrow paths through the ling.β€’ The sun blazed down on all of us: friends, family, servants and a cluster of barefoot neighborhood kids.blaze withβ€’ "Get out!" he screamed, his eyes blazing with hate.