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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcannoncan‧non1 /ˈkænən/ noun [countable]  cannon.jpg PMWa large heavy powerful gun that was used in the past to fire heavy metal balls
Examples from the Corpus
cannonBut it's different, there's a strange hush in the air and the endless rumbling of 50,000 cannon shells.If all three aspects are not addressed the 240 additional cannon fodder will not remain in the system either.That would be in the garage, right next to his cannon.With eyes half closed he could see it as a miniature cannon.The fog flickered around him, streaking like lightning low to the ground, or mute cannon fire.There, they were surrounded by sand bags and soaked with a water cannon, which disabled the devices.Only if none of these targets is available will I open fire on the big battalions with cannon.