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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatapultcat‧a‧pult1 /ˈkætəpʌlt/ noun [countable]  1 PMWa large weapon used in former times to throw heavy stones, iron balls etc2 DHT British English a small stick in the shape of a Y with a thin rubber band fastened over the two ends, used by children to throw stones syn slingshot American English3 TTAa piece of equipment used to send an aircraft into the air from a ship
Examples from the Corpus
catapultThe Defence budget would stand buying another catapult tomorrow; my crossbow would just have to wait another week or so.Once deployed, the Hot Pot catapult can not be moved.After collecting all kinds of material the catapult began to take shape.While working on the catapult Endill started to keep a diary.To help you remember it is a good idea to turn the catapult round so it faces away from the enemy.He unscrewed the catapult piece by piece feeling depressed.This would show how well the catapult worked and if they had to make any adjustments in their aim.The catapult breaks throwing boiling Hot Pot gloop everywhere.