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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclipclip1 /klɪp/ ●●○ noun  1 for fastening [countable]D a small metal or plastic object that holds or fastens things together The wire is held on with a metal clip. a wad of money in a gold clip Bulldog clip, paperclip2 film [countable]AMF a short part of a film or television programme that is shown by itself, especially as an advertisement clips from the new James Bond film3 gun [countable]PMW a container for bullets which passes them quickly into the gun so that they can be fired4 at a good/rapid/fast etc clip5 cut [singular] British EnglishCUT the act of cutting something to make it shorter or tidier I gave the hedge a clip.6 a clip round the ear/earhole7 newspaper [countable]TCN an article that is cut from a newspaper or magazine for a particular reason8 $100/50 cents etc a clip
Examples from the Corpus
clipA friend sent me a clip from the Boston Globe.I saw a clip from the new Michael Douglas movie on TV last night.The world overflows with these rifles and their banana clips.They showed a few clips from Mel Gibson's new movie.The spring-loaded clips of looseleaf folders snap shut with a noise like revolver shots.Fasten the microphone clip to your shirt.The committee also is establishing an Inaugural Channel with up-to-the-minute news and multimedia clips on the inauguration.a paper clipSherman thinks the economy is growing at roughly a 2 percent clip, a slow, but not a worrisome pace.Some smashing clips were sabotaged by the usual sloppy Watchmaker research.The police have released a video clip of the attack.The sound and video clips included, though, are first rate, both in quality and variety.The new software makes it possible to cut and paste sound or video clips from one application to another.