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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirebombfire‧bomb1 /ˈfaɪəbɒm $ ˈfaɪrbɑːm/ noun [countable]  PMWa bomb that makes a fire start burning when it explodes
Examples from the Corpus
firebombYou can lob a firebomb through the window.No, it won't be firebombs.Eight firebombs were planted but only three went off.Richard Duriez and Annette Tibbles helped to plan firebomb attacks on two meat companies.Despite Brett's attempt to prevent it, the firebombs had been detonated.A green light would indicate that the enemy Control had been successfully taken, and the detonation of the firebombs prevented.They kept their promise to remain nonviolent and did not throw firebombs at first.