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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_131_agaugegauge1 (also gage American English) /ɡeɪdʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 gauge.jpg instrumentTM an instrument for measuring the size or amount of somethingfuel/temperature/pressure etc gauge The petrol gauge is still on full.2 width/thickness a measurement of the width or thickness of something such as wire or metal a 27-gauge needle heavy-gauge black polythene3 a gauge of something4 railwayTTT the distance between the lines of a railway or between the wheels of a train a standard gauge railwaybroad/narrow gauge (=with more/less than the standard distance between the rails)5 gunPMW the width of the barrel of a gun a 12-gauge shotgunCOLLOCATIONSNOUN + gaugea fuel gauge (also petrol gauge British English), gas gauge American English:The fuel gauge read a little over half full.a pressure gaugeHe checked the pressure gauge on the oxygen cylinder.a temperature gaugeThe oil temperature gauge was twice its normal reading.a depth gaugeA depth gauge is essential for telling you how deep you are when diving.verbscheck the gaugeSteve checked the oil gauge.the gauge shows somethingThe gauge showed an abnormal increase in radiation.the gauge reads something (=it shows something)The petrol gauge read empty.
Examples from the Corpus
gaugea narrow-gauge screwa narrow-gauge trackRetail sales are a gauge of consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of economic activity.He surprised everybody by choosing a 7 foot gauge to increase capacity and improve the ride.He checked the contents of his billfold and prayed over his gas gauge, that it stay above Empty round-trip.the car's gas gaugeAt first glance there appears to be a preponderance of narrow gauge or what I would call miniature railways.Key in the ignition, nothing in the glove compartment and the petrol gauge read empty.an oil pressure gaugeThe bottom of the screen houses the club selection, wind gauge, power indicator and shoot button.fuel/temperature/pressure etc gaugeI crossed and opened the door, which had a temperature gauge beside it reading forty degrees.The exhaust-gas-temperature gauge read hot.The driver glanced at his fuel gauge.As we headed up Hartshead Moor, I checked my fuel gauge and started sweating again.He noticed to his alarm that the oil temperature gauge was twice its normal reading.She doesn ` t see the fuel gauge needle waving desperately at her, like a drowning arm.Upon arrival, he was welcomed to Hades and the host promptly set the temperature gauge at 110 degrees.The temperature gauge on the Studebaker was back in the red, almost to 220 again.standard gaugeThe YC5 or YC6 fits both the fine and standard gauge machines.The line was seven miles long, single track, and of standard gauge.At least when you're knitting on the bigger gauges you have fewer rows to knit than on a fine or standard gauge.All these accessories fit all Silver standard gauge punchcard machines.Apart from these, the other accessories available for the standard gauge models are not available for the fine and chunky gauges.Remove the stitches from the standard gauge machine with the garter bar and replace them on the chunky machine.Finally, one exciting development is the electronic intarsia carriage for use with the standard gauge electronic machine.