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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheavyheav‧y1 /ˈhevi/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative heavier, superlative heaviest)  1 heavy.jpg weightHEAVY weighing a lot opp light The wardrobe was too heavy for me to move on my own. a heavy suitcase The males are seven times heavier than the females. How heavy is the parcel (=how much does it weigh?)?2 amount/degree/severityLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT great in amount, degree, or severity The traffic going into London was very heavy. Heavy rain has caused flooding in many areas. Heavy fighting was reported near the border. Heavy drinking during pregnancy can damage your baby. I used to be a heavy smoker. the heavy burden of taxation If found guilty, they face heavy fines or even prison. There were heavy casualties on both sides. England’s heavy defeat in yesterday’s match She’s in bed with a heavy cold. the film’s heavy use of special effects3 needing physical effortLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT needing a lot of physical strength and effort My son does most of the heavy outdoor work. She has a bad back and can’t do any heavy lifting.4 needing mental effortTHINK ABOUT not easy or entertaining and needing a lot of mental effort I want something to read on holiday – nothing too heavy.5 heavy going6 be heavy on something7 heavy with something8 heavy schedule/timetable/day etc9 heavy breathing10 make heavy weather of something11 weapons/machines [only before noun]PMW large and powerful tanks and other heavy weapons heavy artillery (=large powerful guns) a company which manufactures heavy machinery 12 materials/clothes etcTHICK OBJECT OR MATERIAL heavy materials, clothes, shoes, or objects are thick or solidly made a heavy winter coat the sound of heavy boots Melt the butter in a heavy pan over a medium heat. heavy velvet curtains13 foodDFF solid and making your stomach feel full and uncomfortable opp light a heavy meal heavy fruitcake14 eyes if your eyes are heavy, it is difficult to keep them open, usually because you are tired His eyes felt heavy with fatigue.15 body/faceFAT a) large, broad, and solid his heavy features Kyle is a tall man with a heavy build (=a large broad body). b) American English used to politely describe someone who is fat syn large16 with forceSTRONG PERSON hitting something or falling with a lot of force or weight the sound of heavy footsteps in the hall Ali caught him with a heavy blow to the jaw. 17 ground a) DLGTHICK OBJECT OR MATERIALsoil that is heavy is thick and solid b) DSa sports ground or race track that is heavy is muddy a very heavy pitch The going was heavy (=it was muddy for the horse races) at Cheltenham yesterday.18 smellCO strong and usually sweetheavy scent/perfume etc the heavy scent of the lilies19 airHOT too warm and not at all fresh because there is no wind Even at dusk the air was still heavy.20 emotions informal a relationship or situation that is heavy involves serious or strong feelings She didn’t want things to get too heavy at such an early stage in their relationship.21 get heavy (with somebody)22 heavy silence/atmosphere23 heavy sky/clouds24 heavy sleeper25 heavy irony/sarcasm26 heavy seas27 with a heavy heart28 heavy dateheaviness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
heavyIt was a fierce battle, and losses on both sides were heavy.My hiking boots are too heavy.Some people find wholemeal bread too heavy.They were heavy, as he knew from the numbing pain in his shin.She didn't want things to get too heavy at such an early stage in their relationship.heavy breadTheir sheer bulk in the heavy clothing made the people look like beasts.Mr. Mason, who was Chief Engineer to both the electricity and tramway departments, claimed and received heavy compensation for severance.heavy creama heavy discussiona large, heavy-featured womanCompanies that continue to cause pollution will now face heavy fines.a heavy fragranceHe wore a heavy jacket and a wool ski hat.We gaze at one another despite the effort of heavy lids, our nodding heads, until the lull of sleep defeats.After a heavy lunch my father fell asleep almost immediately.heavy manual workIn the beginning Stax and Motown shared a heavy reliance on the cooperation of black radio to build audiences.Still, some snakes prefer spots under rusty metal and heavy rocks.There was still a heavy roll of musketry to our left, and some sharp firing on our right.Heat the oil in a large, heavy saucepan.It was a pretty heavy scene.Brian's gotten very heavy since we last saw him.His first wife Joy was a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer.She has a bad cough, caused by heavy smoking.She patrolled the aisles like a gaoler and woe betide you if that heavy tread stopped at your desk.How heavyHow heavy is it? b. How heavy it is!How heavy is the package?heavy useDespite heavy use, it is one of the most fragmented national forests in the country.Religious texts also make heavy use of causal conjunctions such as because, since, and for.Without heavy use of fertilisers there would be no cereals on it.When the guard arrived, they and the police made heavy use of firearms.Therapeutic input makes heavy use of group work, though individual therapy is also possible.WordPerfect is a good example of a word-processor that makes heavy use of these key combinations.Dictionaries make heavy use of typography to convey information to the reader.He makes heavy use of what may be called the Argument from Personal Incredulity.heavy liftingI cleaned up the house as best I could, and hired a couple of nice ladies to handle the heavy lifting.Being a Council member entails neither heavy lifting nor punching a time clock.The heavy lifting, the glory work, is done.heavy machineryAfterward, you can still drive and operate heavy machinery.Patterns made in fields by the tracks of heavy machinery also frequently resemble patterns associated with archaeological remains.The stolid chugging, the intense revving of big diesels, the bass throb: it all signalled heavy machinery at work.There was quite an array of heavy machinery in sight, but none close enough to be a plausible source of accident.Komatsu, which makes heavy machinery, is integrating its research system with that of its suppliers.Hall of Power - a range of engines and heavy machinery, most of which are in working order and operated daily.The steady hum of the drilling rigs and the rough growls of heavy machinery moving on the road smear the coastal quiet.This, and the sound of heavy machinery passing underneath the window, kept me tossing and turning.heavy buildIf they provide excellent support for some one of heavy build they're most unlikely to suit anyone lighter.The going ... heavyClouds of steam from the dishwasher filled the room when the going got heavy.The going was heavy but I got there without mishap.You could barely see the barber jackets for the brollies ... torrential rain and wind made the going heavy everywhere at Cheltenham.heavy scent/perfume etcJezrael inhaled freshness, trying to rid her nostrils of that cloying, heavy scent.Inside, a faint whiff of disinfectant was almost overpowered by the heavy scent emanating from bowls of blue hyacinths.The ponderosas gave off a heavy scent of vanilla.get ... heavyClouds of steam from the dishwasher filled the room when the going got heavy.For months now, I've been droning on and on about how all cars these days are getting too heavy.It was time for the regulators to get heavy.Things started getting really heavy again after that.Well, this morning he got very heavy and actually grabbed me and tried to kiss me.With the elder Mercer at the stick, the ultralight gets a heavy daily workout.Don't get heavy, said headvoice.We had on these green woollen leotards which got very heavy when they got wet.