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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlancelance1 /lɑːns $ læns/ noun [countable]  PMWa long thin pointed weapon that was used in the past by soldiers riding on horses
Examples from the Corpus
lanceThe impact of this slavering beast on an enemy formation is just as effective as that of a Knight with a lance.Men and horses went down like ninepins before them, in a tangle of waving limbs, flailing hooves and broken lances.Then he thrust his lance into the vulnerable spot and killed the warrior.Undesirable removal of lubricants may occur in machinery and hazards may arise in the use of steam lances.The lance is represented by a nerve which has every likeness to the shape of that instrument.The two settled their lances, rode at each other, and the pagan knight was slain.They are armoured in shining silver and armed with white lances with diamond-hard tips which glitter like stars.