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livelive2 /laɪv/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective  1 living [only before noun]LIVING/ALIVE not dead or artificial syn living opp dead experiments on live animals Protesters want to stop the export of live sheep and cattle. the number of live births per 1,000 population We were so excited to see real live elephants.2 TCBtv/radioTIME/AT THE SAME TIME a live television or radio programme is seen or heard on television or radio at the same time as it is actually happening opp prerecorded a live radio phone-in show There will be live TV coverage of tonight’s big match.3 APmusic/theatreTIME/AT THE SAME TIME a live performance is one in which the entertainer performs for people who are watching, rather than for a film, record etc A lot of the bars have live music. The band will be giving a live concert performance next week. We’ll be playing you a track from his new live album (=album that was recorded from a live performance). It’s always different when you perform in front of a live audience (=an audience watching a live performance).4 electricityTEE a wire or piece of equipment that is live has electricity flowing through it Be careful – those wires are live.5 bombsPMW a live bomb still has the power to explode because it has not been used They came across a field of live, unexploded mines. 6 bullets live bullets are real ones that are made of metal and can kill people opp blank Troops fired live ammunition to disperse the crowd.7 STILLissue a live subject or problem is one that still interests or worries people Drink-driving is still very much a live issue.8 live coals9 DFyoghurt live yoghurt contains bacteria that are still alive
Examples from the Corpus
livelive ammunitionThey are campaigning against experiments on live animals.It features carnival rides, live bands and a dance pavilion along with booths for food, arts and crafts.Moreover, the live food that all fish are particularly fond of is worms.Styx A fun pub with entertainment ranging from disco and live music, to pianist and cabaret.Experts figure it is more than 1,000 years old and one of the largest live oaks in the United States.The live performance for me right now is about being present.From this unique contraption, Hart will oversee the live performances.real liveSeeing real live animals in a zoo is much more exciting that just watching them on television.But hate crimes take place in a real live community, and people need to be aware of that.To actually see crabs scuttling across the floor and live sponges and even real live fish was astonishing.Later rather than sooner a real live girl deals with your call in person.I've never met a real live movie star before!In the Hollywood Canteen, where GIs and gobs were served by real live movie stars, he was in uniform.Gordon Beamish was a real live optician.Her relations with the real live Patrick were exactly as before.She's a real live wire. 2.live musicNot that I have had much opportunity to appreciate live music.We are also very sorry to all clubs and venues omitted from our mammoth listing of live music.With that gesture began a long day of live music by every Stax artist to raise money for the Watts Summer Festival.There is often live music in the bars and the discos are quite lively.Think live music is something only the wealthy can enjoy?Adding to the overall charm, there is often live music played on the promenade.Styx A fun pub with entertainment ranging from disco and live music, to pianist and cabaret.live ammunitionActual conditions of warfare were simulated in training, with plenty of exposure to live ammunition.He'd have been kicked out of here if it wasn't obvious that he'd actually used live ammunition.When arrested, he was found to be in possession of a small-calibre handgun and several rounds of live ammunition.One of the machine guns had live ammunition attached to it.Leipzigers feared live ammunition could be used.As the situation worsened more border police entered the area and began firing live ammunition into the crowd.The live ammunition that I experienced was not officially sanctioned as being hazardous enough to be included.Policemen who were stoned by the crowd used live ammunition to disperse it, killing at least one person.live issueThat question can be left for a future occasion when it gives rise to a live issue.The relationship between the two ways of being was, however, always a live issue.It is very much a live issue and is progressing well.And she is honorary secretary of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors, which also tackles live issues in the area.In considering the right to live issue, there is a tendency to fight shy of the emotive word of murder.