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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-rangeˌlong-ˈrange adjective [only before noun] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 PMWable to hit something that is a long way away opp short-range πŸ”Š long-range nuclear missiles πŸ”Š He scored with a long-range shot.2 FARrelating to a time that continues far into the future opp short-rangelong-range planning/plan/forecast etc πŸ”Š a long-range weather forecast πŸ”Š the long-range goal of the project
Examples from the Corpus
long-rangeβ€’ the city's long-range development plansβ€’ Their long-range dream of flying was probably grounded, however.β€’ These long-range goals shape our long-term training plans.β€’ Hekmatyar's fighters quickly joined the fray, launching long-range missile attacks into the city against Masud's forces.β€’ There are fears that the country has produced long-range missiles capable of reaching across the border.β€’ Club range officers would also undergo additional training, and the club would put together a long-range plan.β€’ We wanted some one who had a long-range view.long-range ... missilesβ€’ For instance: Does the United States need 18 Trident submarines carrying long-range nuclear missiles?β€’ It revealed 10,000 chemical bombs, as well as 50 Scud missiles, including at least 30 with chemical warheads for long-range missiles.β€’ Several time zones away, a nuclear submarine conducted a surprise test-firing of two long-range ballistic missiles.long-range planning/plan/forecast etcβ€’ They focused on concrete, short-term initiatives as well as long-range planning.. 4.β€’ The 66-year-old poet said the grant will enable him to make some long-range plans.β€’ We meet monthly for brainstorming and long-range planning.β€’ Yet few economists are comfortable with the reliability of such long-range forecasts.β€’ Such endeavors required long-range planning and huge investments.β€’ The long-range forecast prophesies Mean temperatures and azure skies.β€’ Its initial long-range plan, published in 1962, called for $ 400 million in capital improvements from the-state.β€’ Sunnyvale has married its budget system to a long-range planning system.