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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarksmanshipmarks‧man‧ship /ˈmɑːksmənʃɪp $ ˈmɑːrks-/ noun [uncountable]  PMWthe ability to shoot a gun very well
Examples from the Corpus
marksmanshipSuch a shot demanded expert marksmanship but meant the boat took a live turtle.Then he had been treated to a display of her marksmanship, involving both moving and stationary targets.For a moment, he wanted the boy to share his amusement, to applaud his marksmanship.In most of Texas's rural counties the sheriff would have congratulated Martin on his marksmanship.He did well there, putting his marksmanship to better use by becoming expert in tiger shooting.Long-range marksmanship was a feature of the day and to Martin Poxon went the honour of an albatross-eagle.