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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscabbardscab‧bard /ˈskæbəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable]  PMWa metal or leather cover for the blade of a sword
Examples from the Corpus
scabbardHis straight heavy sword hung in a gilded scabbard by his royal blue saddle-cloth that was embroidered with the King's cipher.He held both of them for a moment before turning to Ian and presenting him with a sword drawn from its scabbard.A few of the mounts shifted their feet; here and there a rider slid his sword back and forth in its scabbard.He slipped his knife into its scabbard.Down the line, swords hissed out of oiled scabbards.Chun had put his sword back into the scabbard and turned to a political solution.He hefted the dead man's sword, then strapped the scabbard to his waist, over his heavy furs.McGann, smooth as a velvet scabbard.