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spearspear2 verb [transitive]  1 PMWto push or throw a spear into something, especially in order to kill it2 DFULIFTto push a pointed object, usually a fork, into something, so that you can pick it upstab→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spearAt its current pace, the industrial average could spear both of my numbers by the end of next week.He used to spear fish for grouper at the north end, then cook his catch for tourists.Vicious thugs had speared him leaving a gaping wound exposing the bone.The numbers in her text refer to footnotes in which she spears the novelist with chapter and verse.He speared the plantain to one side of the pan and ladled in four globs of batter.But each time it was a sudden sortie and took Trondur by surprise so he was not ready to spear them.Fortunately he managed to duck out of the way of a lump of glass as it speared towards his neck.His brown and blue tie was speared with a tie-pin in the shape of a harp.