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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstockpilestock‧pile1 /ˈstɒkpaɪl $ ˈstɑːk-/ noun [countable]  PMWGROUP OF THINGSa large supply of things that is kept ready for use in the future syn storestockpile of a stockpile of nuclear weapons
Examples from the Corpus
stockpileSome of Britain's biggest firms have joined the lobbying for a stockpile.Power was dependent on maintaining a stockpile of arms and professional soldiers.The ultimate question, however, was what would happen to the steadily accumulating stockpiles of nuclear waste in the long term.Minimum operating levels are stockpiles of crude and refined products held by refiners that are considered adequate to meet average seasonal demand.Both rutile and iron will be accumulating in stockpiles on the Moon.While some of last year's stockpile has vanished, a lot of oil is still sloshing around in storage.As the official in charge of the stockpile, Jones administers the 114 depots and warehouses that store the materials.stockpile ofstockpiles of nuclear missiles