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stockpilestockpile2 verb [transitive]  PMWINCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETCto keep adding to a supply of goods, weapons etc that you are keeping ready to use if you need them in the future An enormous volume of explosives was stockpiled inside one of the buildings.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stockpileKitchen cabinets have been quake-proofed, flashlights and foods bought, and water stockpiled.Several militant groups are continuing to stockpile illegal weapons.Imports of plastic waste rose by 450 percent during 1992, while Recoup is forced to stockpile its own waste.The interior minister for Bavaria, Guenther Beckstein, has said that Scientologists are stockpiling large amounts of cyanide and weapons.Quit your old job when you have enough money stockpiled to keep you through the low-income days ahead. 3.Last winter, he was unable to stockpile weapons and ammunition.