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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtorpedotor‧pe‧do1 /tɔːˈpiːdəʊ $ tɔːrˈpiːdoʊ/ noun (plural torpedoes) [countable]  PMWa long narrow weapon that is fired under the surface of the sea and explodes when it hits something
Examples from the Corpus
torpedoPearl Harbor had impressed on us the importance of protecting ships against torpedo attacks, even in home waters.I can't raise the forward torpedo compartment.Captain Nagumo, an expert in torpedo warfare, was the right man in the right place.Next to me a girl eating a box of liquorice torpedoes.A number of motor torpedo boats were also brought in to be employed for short-range coastal patrol and night attack missions.Two of the torpedoes struck below the waterline on the port side near the aviation fuel tanks.The torpedoes had burst harmlessly, many kilometres away.