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triggertrigger2 ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 PMWthe part of a gun that you pull with your finger to fire itpull/squeeze the trigger He took aim and squeezed the trigger.2 be the trigger (point) (for something)
Examples from the Corpus
triggerResearch has shown that lack of sleep and other triggers such as stress cause a deficiency of the brain chemical dopamine.Where education reduces fertility, which is nearly everywhere, the trigger point varies according to cultural influences.This time when the firing stopped, he stuck the shotgun round the door with his right hand and pulled the trigger.He snapped off a shot, hardly even bothering to point the gun before he squeezed the trigger.I pause because telling the dream out loud has tripped the trigger.The trigger, which gives the fish its name, is the leading ray of its dorsal fin which has become bony.pull/squeeze the triggerA young ex-Marine points a gun at his head and pulls the trigger.He pulled the trigger - and to his horror shot Christopher in the head.He pulled the trigger and the report was deafening.He pulled the trigger but the chamber was empty.Jackson is convinced Ray pulled the trigger.In the end, it was neither the dream nor the woman he loved that prompted him to pull the trigger.My brain told me to pull the trigger but my finger wouldn't respond.Now we need to pull the trigger.Interim athletic director Paul Bubb was right to pull the trigger and fire Cassidy on Wednesday.