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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtruncheontrun‧cheon /ˈtrʌnʃən/ noun [countable]  especially British EnglishSCPPMW a short thick stick that police officers carry as a weapon syn nightstick American English
Examples from the Corpus
truncheonMore reinforcements - this time with short shields and truncheons.Therefore flick knives are now in the same category as truncheons and knuckledusters.Four made a phalanx before the booth, tapping their lead truncheons, their feet splayed like a squad of riot police.King braved police truncheons, and was assassinated because of his beliefs.Police at first used rubber truncheons to prevent them, but then stood back.Holy-o went over and opened them slowly, holding the truncheon.The police were so astonished they put away their truncheons and led the small man away.