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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweaponryweap‧on‧ry /ˈwepənri/ noun [uncountable]  PMWweapons of a particular type or belonging to a particular country or group nuclear weaponry
Examples from the Corpus
weaponryAll this bristling weaponry was aimed at a line of about forty men standing against the wall.Indeed, weaponry was central to the soldiers' world.Most men sported an absurd amount of lethal weaponry, which they were fully prepared to use.It is a highly-trained army, with very sophisticated modern weaponry.Many of the world's poorer countries are now beginning to invest in nuclear weaponry.She will recall that Britain halved its sub-strategic nuclear weaponry only last year.Animals avoid using their most powerful weaponry when fighting other members of their species.Perhaps one final vignette can move us closer to a balanced view of the Hooligan's weaponry.The firm is described as a leading developer of top-secret weaponry.This trend went hand-in-hand with another, that of investing heavily in the making of high-technology weaponry for the Pentagon.