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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchild benefitˌchild ˈbenefit noun [uncountable]  PEWan amount of money that the British government gives to families with children
Examples from the Corpus
child benefitAs a first step pensions and child benefit were to be raised and long-term supplementary benefit extended to the long-term unemployed.Against this he would gain an extra £4.60 a week in increased child benefit from Labour.If so, we should be told how they will meet their spending commitments on child benefit and pensions.The former refers to payments such as pensions, supplementary benefit, family income supplement, child benefit, and so on.Are changes such as means-testing child benefit and state pensions simply unthinkable?Those without work have the value of their child benefit subtracted from their total welfare payments.With child benefit included their income has been increased from £124.20 to £148.62 a week.