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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoledole1 /dəʊl $ doʊl/ noun [uncountable] informal  1 PEW British English money given by the government in Britain to people who are unemployedbe/go on the dole (=be unemployed and receiving money from the government) Too many young people are still on the dole. The number claiming dole went up by 3,500.2 the dole queue/dole queues3 the dole
Examples from the Corpus
doleSurely they didn't collect dole cheques from the society they so obviously rejected?She was an alien in the country with no dole to fall back on, didn't have much money.I want to be on the public dole.I brace myself for the sight of the posters, unrolled and exposed, and the dole cards.If the unemployed learned to be better managers ... I fancy it would not be long before the dole was docked correspondingly.Surely this term should be used to describe some one who lives and works - or draws the dole - in Scouserpool?I said the bankers were the first to go on the dole.I was on the dole then, getting £5.50 a week and the rent was £2.50.claiming doleIn Northern Ireland, last year saw some 5,000 redundancies, while the number claiming dole went up by 3,500.