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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeans testˈmeans test noun [countable]  PEWan official check in order to find out whether someone is poor enough to need money from the governmentmeans-tested adjective means-tested benefits
Examples from the Corpus
means testEligibility is determined by a means test administered by the solicitor and based upon assessment of disposable income and capital.Costs would be limited by keeping the offer open only until 1995 and by using a means test.It was a household means test, not a family means test.The same household means test extended the liability of families to support the able-bodied unemployed.With reduced legal aid payouts and a tough new means test for applicants looming, it could spell financial disaster.This contradicts the spirit of the supplementary benefit regulations and suggests that the means test is being enforced with new vigour.But at least it is a benefit as of right and without means test.