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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMedicaidMed‧i‧caid /ˈmedɪkeɪd/ noun [uncountable]  PEWa system in the US by which the government helps to pay the cost of medical treatment for poor peopleMedicare
Examples from the Corpus
MedicaidWe are told that Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid are headed for trouble and that now is the time to act.The federal government in 1990 mandated broader Medicaid coverage for pregnant women, infants, and children under six.Governors tried unsuccessfully last year to persuade Congress to convert Medicaid into a block grant, as Congress did on welfare.After several years of investigations, the Boys Ranch was indicted on criminal Medicaid fraud and grand theft charges last April.The purpose would be to bring in more federal Medicaid money and serve more low-income people.Many states would contribute a smaller percentage less of their own money to the joint state-federal Medicaid program.Now comes the great Medicaid debate.The president kept the Republicans from including Medicaid in the welfare bill.