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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMedicareMed‧i‧care /ˈmedɪkeə $ -ker/ noun [uncountable]  PEWa system by which the US government helps to pay for the medical treatment of old peopleMedicaid
Examples from the Corpus
MedicareThis, they added, could jeopardize other large benefit programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.Dole voted to cut Medicare by $ 270 billion.Recently a self-styled young adults' lobby called Third Millennium hit on a provocative way to explain the impending Medicare crisis.It favours the employed with good incomes on the one hand and the Medicare and Medicaid programmes on the other.Republicans were pushing for saving about $ 168 billion from the Medicare health program for the elderly over the next seven years.Further regulation is not likely to improve things. Medicare and Medicaid have a plethora of policies that escalate their own costs.