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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsocial securityˌsocial seˈcurity noun [uncountable]  1 British EnglishPEW government money that is paid to people who are unemployed, old, ill etc syn welfare American English social security benefitsbe/live on social security (=be receiving money from the government)2 Social SecurityNational Insurance
Examples from the Corpus
social securityAt the last election, Mr Major was a social security minister.It has an ageing population and social security laws which will generate a massive public expenditure burden and necessitate tax increases.The sum delimited for military spending, 108,000 million roubles, equalled that set aside for social security.If you are going abroad for three months or more, tell your local social security office well in advance.Like every other Secretary of State who has ever been in charge of social security, I was under pressure from the Treasury.Similarly, our social security and Medicare programs provide financial support for the retired and aged sick.They said therefore that if the rule was changed there would have to be a consequential change for the social security rules.It is subject to social security taxes and income tax withholding.be/live on social securitySniffen said he lives on Social Security and money earned by the woman he lives with.