un‧em‧ploy‧ment S2 W2 [uncountable]
1BE the number of people in a particular country or area who cannot get a jobCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
high/low unemployment rising/falling unemployment rise/increase/growth in unemployment fall/decrease in unemployment level of unemployment/unemployment level unemployment rate unemployment figures/statistics
areas of high unemployment (=where many people do not have a job)
The unemployment rate remained at 5.2%.
Rising unemployment has been the price we've had to pay for getting inflation down.
It has been the largest sustained fall in unemployment in the history of this country.
monthly unemployment figures for the UK
2BE when someone does not have a job:
Closure of the plant means 80 workers are facing unemployment.
3 American EnglishBEPEW money paid regularly by the government to people who have no job
on unemployment
He's been on unemployment for two months.

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