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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsororityso‧ror‧i‧ty /səˈrɒrəti $ səˈrɔː-/ noun (plural sororities) [countable]  SECSSWa club for women students at some American colleges and universitiesfraternity
Examples from the Corpus
sororityCan schools prohibit students from belonging to fraternities, sororities, and other undemocratic organizations?We were supposed to have a couple of sororities too, but there was a communication problem.Students are rushing to food lines or dormitories or sororities, running for elevators or taking stairs two at a time.The abolition of the sororities evidently did not take place without a great deal of resistance.And to be company for him in his old age among this sorority of Slavonic women he seemed to be siring.Did Bill Clinton wallow in the mud with a group of Tucson sorority girls?