Topic: YOUTH

Language: Old English
Origin: 'way, journey'; the modern meaning comes from the idea of a group of people "going" together


1 noun
gang1 S3 [countable]
a) a group of young people who spend time together, and who are often involved in crime or drugs and who often fight against other groups:
two rival street gangs
gang member/member of a gang
The parents have denied that their son is a gang member.
the problem of inner-city gang violence
b) a group of young people together in one place, especially young people who might cause trouble
gang of
There were always gangs of kids hanging around the mall.
a victim of gang warfare
2SCC a group of criminals who work together:
Several gangs were operating in the area.
Armed gangs have hijacked lorries.
gang of
a gang of smugglers
3 informal a group of friends, especially young people:
The whole gang will be there next weekend.
4 a group of workers or prisoners doing physical work together

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