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absolute majority

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsolute majorityˌabsolute maˈjority noun [singular]  when a party or person wins more than half of the total votes in an election
Examples from the Corpus
absolute majorityThe elections are by secret ballot, and an absolute majority is required.As they controlled an absolute majority of shares, the club was effectively closed.The second round was contested in the 58 constituencies where no candidate had gained an absolute majority in the first round.The motion failed to obtain an absolute majority of 249 but it was a close-run thing.Meanwhile the ex-communist Social Democrats are certain to be returned to power and even hope to obtain an absolute majority.National secured an absolute majority with only 35.1 % of the vote.It was only after the SPÖ failed to win an absolute majority in the general election of 1983 that he stood down.If there is a party with an absolute majority in the lower house it will form the government.
From Longman Business Dictionaryabsolute majorityˌabsolute maˈjority [singular] when a party or person wins more than half of the total votes in an electionIf the candidate obtains an absolute majority, he is appointed Chancellor by the Federal President. majority
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