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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabstinenceab‧sti‧nence /ˈæbstənəns/ noun [uncountable]  NOT DO somethingthe practice of not having something you enjoy, especially alcohol or sex, usually for reasons of religion or healthabstinent adjective
Examples from the Corpus
abstinenceI had planned to usher in the new decade with a month of abstinence.Some creatures indulge but once a year, with long periods of abstinence as they make copies of themselves.I should know by now that heavy drinkers are awfully fond of high-flown rationalisations for any brief spell of abstinence.In the early stages of abstinence, people are having a lot of difficulties and craving is most pronounced.Paul permits temporary abstinence also but only by mutual agreement.Total abstinence from any sweeteners can cure a sweet tooth permanently - which is much better in the long term.The primary goal of the treatment was abstinence.The third floor was a no-smoking floor or I think I might have started smoking again after six years' abstinence.
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