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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacidlyac‧id‧ly /ˈæsɪdli/ adverb  if you say something acidly, you say it in a cruel or unkind way ‘I’m sure you’re right, ’ he said acidly.
Examples from the Corpus
acidlyShe stood up, smiling acidly, and bade him good day.He hardened his heart and turned on his computer, smiling acidly at the screen.But then, she thought acidly, he had probably never been young in his life; some people were like that.What was he trying to prove, she asked acidly, his ability to survive?Of course there was no rush, she thought acidly, making her way up the stairs.She also remarks, rather acidly, that women these days are inclined to be arrogant when they're in charge.
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