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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamusinga‧mus‧ing /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  FUNNYfunny and entertaining I don’t find his jokes at all amusing. a highly amusing (=very amusing) filman amusing story/anecdote/incident etc The book is full of amusing stories about his childhood.mildly/vaguely amusing (=a little amusing, but not very) a mildly amusing spectaclesee thesaurus at funnyamusingly adverbRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say funny rather than amusing:Someone told me a really funny joke.
Examples from the Corpus
amusingMy mother was embarrassed, but I found the situation highly amusing.Corbett took his seat, trying to ignore de Craon who was grinning as if he had suddenly found something amusing.He's very amusing and can be a very able speaker in public.For Joan it has been a labour of love and provides an amusing and detailed insight into medicine in the town.One of them kisses me as if I had won a prize for the most amusing and far-fetched story of the evening.I like a newspaper with one or two amusing articles, as well as all the serious stuff.He was a really special person, gentle and amusing at the same time.a charming and amusing bookOrganisers said the display was amusing but warned that some people might consider it unsuitable for young children.Perhaps there have been odd, amusing little things that have happened during our day's work, and we share these.Even though things do not go according to plan, Elmer's idea offers lots of amusing possibilities.It might be amusing to run across her some time.Mrs Denton didn't find it amusing when I spilt all the paint on the floor.mildly/vaguely amusingAs if she knew what Carrie was thinking and found it mildly amusing.I did not mean it at all, I thought it was vaguely amusing.They are not even vaguely amusing.To a layman, it might all seem mildly amusing.
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