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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartifactar‧ti‧fact /ˈɑːtəfækt $ ˈɑːr-/ noun [countable] especially American English  x-refanother spelling of artefactsee thesaurus at thing
Examples from the Corpus
artifactTo date a coin or an artifact is not the same thing as to date the context in which it is found.Male speaker It's an artifact and a working sundial.Software, is though, a cultural artifact of the modern world.Egyptian artifactsCaterina takes a dagger from the gallery artifact collection and goes to meet him.The large silk-screen paintings of the 1960s come very close to the hand-made artifact being composed almost entirely of ready-made images.A single obsidian artifact can not be expected to give a reliable date.But no dream or artifact looms as large as his words.Now open to the public, the Bunker is a symbolic artifact on the bridge from the past to the present.
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