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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartificialar‧ti‧fi‧cial /ˌɑːtɪˈfɪʃəl◂ $ ˌɑːr-/ ●●● S3 adjective [usually before noun]  1 ARTIFICIALnot real or not made of natural things but made to be like something that is real or natural syn false opp natural artificial flowers artificial light artificial fertilizers2 an artificial situation or quality exists because someone has made it exist, and not because it is really necessary artificial distinctions artificial barriers of gender and race3 PRETENDartificial behaviour is not sincere – used to show disapproval opp genuine an artificial smileartificially adverb Food prices are being kept artificially low.artificiality /ˌɑːtəfɪʃiˈæləti $ ˌɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSnounsartificial light/lightingEnergy is being wasted by using artificial lighting when daylight is adequate.artificial sweeteners (=used to make food or drink taste sweeter)Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners like saccharin.artificial colours (=used in food)I try to buy food that is free from artificial colours.artificial flavoursIce cream often has artificial flavours in it.artificial additives (=used to give food more colour or taste)Artificial additives such as colourings, sweeteners and flavour enhancers aren’t permitted in baby foods.artificial preservatives (=used to preserve food)This jam has no artificial preservatives.artificial flowersa vase of stiff-looking artificial flowersan artificial environmentAnimals hate being confined in an artificial environment.artificial grassartificial grass tennis courtsartificial snowSome ski resorts use huge amounts of artificial snow.an artificial pitch British EnglishThe club is building a new artificial training pitch at its sports ground.THESAURUSartificial not real or natural, but made to look or work like something real or naturalartificial flowersHe was given an artificial heart.synthetic made using chemical processes rather than by natural processessynthetic fabricsa synthetic version of the drugman-made made by people – used especially about geographical features and materialsa man-made lakeman-made fibresfake made to look or seem like something else, especially in order to deceive peoplea fake passportfake furimitation made to look like something, but not real – used especially about guns, jewellery, and leatherimitation firearmsimitation pearlsfalse artificial – used especially about teeth, eyelashes, and beardsa set of false teethsimulated not real, but made to look, sound, or feel real, especially by means of special computers or machinesa simulated space flightvirtual made, done, seen etc on a computer, rather than in the real worlda virtual tour of the garden
Examples from the Corpus
artificialOn the surface she seems quite a pleasant woman, but there's something very artificial about her.High import taxes give their goods an artificial advantage in the market.Carter was saying all the right things, but his smile was artificial, and I knew I couldn't trust him.The natural and artificial characterizing ingredients must be named on the labels.artificial Christmas treesIn front of the grate was a tall electric fire with artificial coals, a high curved back and a triple set of burners.The juice contains no artificial coloring or flavors.Our ice cream contains no artificial colors or flavors.Paradoxically the ecological problems deriving from the application of artificial fertilizers are often equally complex and extensive.On the table was a vase filled with artificial flowers.Through binoculars I had noted the breakwaters of what appeared to be a small artificial harbour just a mile along the coast.Constraint-based programming is an artificial intelligence technique which finds the optimum way to allocate means and resources.Glen wears an artificial leg.It took Frank a while to learn to walk with the artificial leg.The plants can grow just as well in artificial light.We have one of those electric heaters with artificial logs.A wreath of artificial poppies has been held down by a brick.I usually use artificial sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar.artificial sweeteners for coffeeAn example, perhaps slightly artificial, would be found in a family photograph.
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