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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaskewa‧skew /əˈskjuː/ adverb [not before noun]  STRAIGHTnot quite straight or in the right position Matilda ran towards us with her hat askew.
Examples from the Corpus
askewThere's Jerry, with his collar open and his tie askew.His yellow pallor gave him a jaundiced look; his beard was unbrushed, his cap askew.There were soldiers everywhere by now, shabby-looking in peak caps set askew and ill-fitting camouflage.Whoever placed her feet, in their unfashionable lace-up shoes, left one askew, giving her a knock-kneed appearance.Tom plopped himself askew in one of the Venetian chairs.Eventually some one will emerge from the muck, the rusty mayoral crown askew on a weary head.The tarp rolled askew, one end wrapped around the goal post.
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