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asking price

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishasking priceˈasking ˌprice noun [usually singular]  the price that someone wants to sell something forselling price
Examples from the Corpus
asking priceThey do, however, insist that if we can't afford the extortionate asking price, then not to worry.The $ 55,000-a-night asking price might have something to do with that.He finally persuaded Bolton to sell, but the asking price was an unprecedented £13,000, twice the previous record.Consumers may be willing to pay the asking price but not able to do so because of lack of income.If you genuinely think that the property is worth less than the asking price, then make a lower offer.The asking price for that car is $7500.The asking price had been $ 4. 95 million.The asking price was set at $ 1, on the condition that the house be moved.Not surprisingly, their asking price went off the charts.
From Longman Business Dictionaryasking priceˈasking ˌprice (also asked price American English) [countable]FINANCE on a financial market, the price at which an investor can buy shares, bonds etc from a dealer compare bid price price
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