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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbadlybad‧ly /ˈbædli/ ●●● S3 W3 adverb (comparative worse /wɜːs $ wɜːrs/, superlative worst /wɜːst $ wɜːrst/)  1 WAY/MANNERin an unsatisfactory or unsuccessful way opp well The company has been very badly managed. The novel was translated badly into English. badly made furniture Rob did very badly in the History exam.2 LOT/VERY MUCHto a great or serious degree He’s been limping badly ever since the skiing accident. We badly wanted to help, but there was nothing we could do. He was beaten so badly that his brother didn’t recognize him. The school is badly in need of (=very much needs) some new computers. Things started to go badly wrong (=go wrong in a serious way) for Eric after he lost his job.3 think badly of somebody/somethingCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: to a great or serious degreeadjectivesbadly damagedBoth cars were badly damaged in the accident.badly hurt/injured/woundedFortunately no one was badly hurt.badly affectedAlbania was badly affected by industrial unrest.badly hit (=be badly affected)Businesses have been badly hit by the economic slowdown.badly shaken (=be very upset or frightened)Both boys were badly shaken by the incident.verbswant something badlyCaroline wanted the job badly.miss somebody badly (=feel very sad because you are not with someone you love)Lucy was missing Gary badly.suffer badlyThe town suffered badly during the last war.phrasesbe badly in need of something (=need something very much)He felt badly in need of a cup of coffee.go badly wrong (=go wrong in a serious way)Their election campaign had gone badly wrong.
Examples from the Corpus
badlyBut all women here are treated badly.Was it Dominic's fault that he had been given the job she wanted so badly?Adams admitted that he had played badly.Did you sprain it badly?It's often taught very badly.She wanted to go so badly.Some mares react badly and their reproductive cycles cease or are disrupted.One of the missionaries has been badly beaten and stabbed.We talked earlier about the computer marketing firm that had badly botched one of its first major corporate sales.It was badly damaged in the storm.Once again she suffered badly from morning-sickness although it wasn't as bad as the first time.The company had been badly managed from the start.The refugees badly need food and clean water.Grammar and spelling have never been so badly neglected.In the event the poll was countermanded, but the affair reflected badly on the government and the Janata Dal.Lorna speaks Spanish so badly that no one in our class can understand her.a badly written storydid ... badlyAs for drinking, we didn't do badly on the day and more followed later.But in the overall scheme of things, we didn't do badly for media support.In Cézanne's case this was because at first he struggled to compose in the Renaissance manner, and did it badly.The little Hoflin, who had her speciality showpiece in Act Two, did it very badly and finally tripped and fell.The Labour party did badly in May 1997 and can do better.Election Focus: There are some you win ... Apart from the obvious ones, who else did well and badly last week?In one way or other we all did badly then.Almost the only place where the Conservatives did badly was the normally impregnable Birmingham.is badly in need ofPenny Darbyshire of Kingston University, who conducted the research, says that the system is badly in need of reform.