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bakerybak‧er‧y /ˈbeɪkəri/ ●●○ (also baker’s /ˈbeɪkəz $ -ərz/ British English) noun (plural bakeries) [countable]  BBTSHOP/STOREa place where bread and cakes are baked, or a shop where they are sold
Examples from the Corpus
bakerySome products that bear freshness dates are cheeses, breakfast cereals, bakery products, and mayonnaise.Hovis and other wholemeal bread producers have often used the image of the family bakery.She runs a French bakery in North London.You couldn't buy all this working at Lyons bakery or the Black Cat factory.In our bakery we have to compensate for that in other ways, through our relationships with one another.The driver of a steam-driven wagon was unloading warm loaves of bread fresh from the bakery.A motor car was parked in the alleyway about three metres from the bakery door and alongside the Alliance building end wall.What I do inside the bakery is fold paper boxes before I put the pastries and cakes inside.
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