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battlementsbat‧tle‧ments /ˈbætlmənts/ noun [plural]  PMSHa low wall around the top of a castle, that has spaces to shoot guns or arrows through
Examples from the Corpus
battlementsHe enters me as fortress, I can only thank him from my battlements.Latticed brickwork, brickwork meant to suggest battlements, and brick towers meant to look palatial.The walls are 5 feet thick, with a buttressed wooden walkway just behind the battlements.One is a sweet scene of tourists contemplating the gorge below the battlements.In response, there came the pop of fire from the battlements.Once inside, I mounted the battlements and explored hidden alcoves carved into the thick walls.The night of the fire Rochester saw the mad woman on the battlements of the hall and attempted to rescue her.Remembering how she had stood on the tower battlements the next morning, watching her knight ride away.
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