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baublebau‧ble /ˈbɔːbəl $ ˈbɒː-/ noun [countable]  1 DCJa cheap piece of jewellery2 British EnglishAVTRADITION a brightly coloured decoration that looks like a ball and is used to decorate a Christmas tree
Examples from the Corpus
baubleThey're born to be automatons, consumed by baubles and gimmicks.The jury box is set off by a walnut rail and descending baubles, round spheres of beautifully grained wood.Some, like becoming High Sheriff of Somerset, were trouble-free baubles.A bag of red wool was produced from a work basket and the looped baubles glittered on the tree.Who knew when she might collapse in a heap of baubles and bangles?This sumptuous bauble, appropriately named the Tor Abbey Jewel, was doubtless made for a wealthy patron.The jewels, the diamonds, the baubles you're so fond of?
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